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Yellow & 12 Things


Yellow & 12 Things

This was a look from this weekend that I wanted to share .. and since it has been a while since I have done a 12 things.. here are 12 very random things for you!

1.Eating a scotcharoo as I write this. If you haven’t had one before, make one!!!!! You will not regret.
2.We are have a few upcoming trips.. the first is I am going to Utah for the day this week for work, then NYC for work in a couple weeks. The whole fam is going to Seattle for a fun thing I booked a while back – I will tell you more later but we have a reservation at a peony farm!!! And lastly we are going to Tahiti beginning of June!!! Can’t wait to share more on that too!
What I’m Wearing :

Yellow Skirt (similar)| Yellow Tee | Nike Cortez Classics (Size up!) | Sunglasses | Earrings | Bag

3. I am so anxiously waiting for another episode of Handmaid’s Tale! But I cannot get into this season of Westworld 🙁

4. Tomorrow is A’s last day of school and I am so excited to have the entire summer with him home!!! He really isn’t gone for too long since its just preschool but still I miss having him around in the mornings. Summer is going to be a blast. We have all of his teacher’s gifts wrapped and Atticus is so excited to give them out. Also wow I am so proud of him and his growth this year.. he is such an incredible boy!

5. OUR WINDOWS ARRIVE TODAY!!!! And they get put in on Thursday I believe —— hollllly crap so excited for that! Follow on insta stories because I will show them of course!

6. I decided this summer I want to do weekly giveaways on insta – basically we are going to be picking 5 winners each week (randomly from comments on pics) and we will announce each week the winners and we will be sending them gifts!! The gifts will most likely be things from my favorite brands — like my fav lipsticks or beauty products!

7. I have been so lazy with my hair and haven’t been coming up with new hairstyles but decided I need to step up my game!!!! So expect to see some cool styles coming.

8. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are going to the Bleachers concert and I am so excited! We also got tickets to Post Malone coming up

9. Atticus was cracking me up today because he was pretending to be the 80’s guy on Despicable Me 3 and I can’t even explain all that he was doing but it was just so funny to watch. Also Rosie said “mama, watch” about 1000 times today and 90% of the time she didn’t have anything planned and you could see in her face that she was trying to come up with something to show me haha it was soooo cute.
10. Bachelorette starts next week?! That came so fast! Is anyone excited to watch or are you guys over it now? I at least always like to watch the first episode because the limo exits are so funny.

11. Today I was so stressed out shooting a campaign. We needed it to look one way and it just was not working. I get so flustered when something isn’t working out and we had a sitter and we were running late and I was just … hot, hungry, and annoyed. But we finally got it 🙂

12. I wanted to get otterpops for A’s class tomorrow but literally went to 3 stores and we couldn’t find them anywhere! So I gave up. Oh well. Wasn’t meant to be.


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