The common problem many runners face

There is nothing I love more in this world than waking up bright and early and going for a run. When I was in high school, I ran track and cross country up until my senior year. Running is not only a great way to relieve stress, it is also a great workout. It keeps you in shape, doesn’t require any equipment, and unlike going to a gym, you can run anywhere at any time.

Here Are Reasons to Love Running


Running has been known to increase longevity. Every one hour of running can add as much as seven hours to a person’s lifespan.

Great Workout

Nothing burns more calories than running. While many spend hours at the gym lifting weights, doing crunches, and pushups, never getting the full results they are looking for, one hour of running burns twice as many calories as three hours spent at the gym.

Boosts your Mood

Often when I’m running, I’ve noticed seeing other runners with happy smiles on their faces, that’s because studies have proven that running causes the brain to produce more Endocannabinoids, this increases your pleasure, giving you almost a high like feeling.

Problems Runners Commonly Face

Runners commonly face foot related problems, such as fasciitis, tendonitis, or some sort of nerve injury. Often many of these problems can be easily fixed by cutting back on running, or the proper footwear. Often, surgery is required to fix the problem, which can be a fairly simple procedure that will only take an hour. The concept of getting surgery scares some people, but it’s really nothing to worry about. Millions of people have foot surgery every year.

The surgery usually will take place in a small operating room. The room will be equipped with a mayo stand to allow the surgeon to conveniently access any tools he needs. The surgery should last no longer than two hours, and by the time you wake up you have zero recollection of what had happened.

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